Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blackberry and peach picking at Tom Sawyer Farm

We have planned several activities for the summer with all the kids from church. Our first outing was to Tom Sawyer Farm to pick blackberries and peaches.

 We started with picking blackberries.

Laney invited a friend to go with us. She saw it as bringing a buddy......for me.....it was extra child labor. 
We ended up picking 5 filled buckets.

These blackberries were big....

and yummy!

Next, we rode on a trailer to pick peaches.

The man did say we could sample a few.
I think a few in the eyes of a child means 5 each. I caught them once playing baseball. 

I let them each have a bucket for blackberries but we shared one for the peaches. 5 buckets would have been way to many for 1 girl to handle. We may go back later for more :)!

After paying for the fruits of our labor, we ate some homemade peach ice cream and fed the catfish.

It was such a fun day. The kids did not even know they were working. We took some  to the beach where we made a blackberry and peach cobbler. They were delicious!

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