Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beach Part 2

While we were at the beach, the family did drag get me out of the sun and sand for some other family fun.

We played putt-putt.

This is my niece. I just love to see younger kids play golf. The way they hold the putter and show such dedication. Who else would hit the ball 30 times just to see it finally go in. The pride and happiness they show once it falls in.

I had a friend at church( Thanks Stacia!) make the girls a beach shirt for our trip.

I guess the guys are catching onto the whole matchy matchy wardrobe.

And yes....... just to prove that I was there. 

What is a must after putt-putt at the beach?

Ice Cream.......and lots of it!

Daddy chose to relive those highly missed Sesame Street days by getting Cookie Monster Ice Cream.

Ella must have felt like a hero. She chose Superman Ice Cream. Although......I am not sure how much of it actually went in her mouth.

Later in the week, we went to Destin to do a little outlet shopping( another favorite of mine while at the beach). That night, we met up with some of our good friends from Crestview.

After supper, we went to the beach to chit chat while the kids........

Posed for the camera and ran around.

The boys found better use of their time by playing a competitive game of Tic Tac Toe.

Most nights we stayed at the house and swam, ate, played games and talked. It was nice to get out a few times!

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