Saturday, July 7, 2012

Last of the beach pictures

We have been out of town, had family visiting and am now keeping my niece. Those would be my reasons for not posting in a while. I hated to just move on without posting the last of the beach pictures so here goes.........

Our white beach pictures.

Here are a few we took with cousins.

My niece who is 3 was NOT into taking pictures( I can definitely relate!). We had to take pictures that morning so the sun was an issue. We told the kids to look down and we would count to 3. This is the only one I got with my niece in it. 

Can you tell I did not get to 3 before she ran out?

So we decided to try a different position.

You would never have guessed that sister in law is in the picture. The only way we could get Savannah to take a picture was to have her mom close by. Savannah is sitting in her lap while she is hidden behind the older boys.

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