Monday, July 30, 2012

Montgomery Fun!

Last month, we went to help my mom with a reading camp for Inner City kids. We were busy with that most days but managed to seek in some fun as well!

We went to my aunts house for swimming along with the annual tour of her garden. 

Looks like someone is going for a different kind of tan!

The kids loved picking from the garden.

Ella's favorite veggie is carrots. She was thrilled to find out it was an option.

The girls favorite part was to collect the daily eggs.

One night while we were there, we went to a Biscuits game.

Our trip would not be complete without a road trip in the RV.

Here are a few of the things we opted to do during our short travels.

Read the newspaper and color.

Read a magazine.

I choose to catch up on my coupon clipping!

Just to let you know this never happened. I would be too lucky!


A truck stop gas station for breakfast.

I was really hoping for the beach!

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