Friday, July 23, 2010

American Girl

Yesterday, we traveled 2 hours north of Atlanta to go to the American Girl store in the  North Pointe Mall. We have been receiving the catalogs for several years and Laney has been drooling over them that long. At first, I could not understand why someone would pay $95 for a doll when you could get one at Walmart for under $10. The most I have paid for one was $40 and that was the Baby Alive. I was not planning to take her until I realized we lived so close to a store. So I offered to take Laney for her birthday. She was ecstatic and even more so when she found out the newest doll had her name. Let me just tell you if you have a girl and have not was well worth it. The whole experience of being in the store and taking your new doll to lunch was wonderful! I wish they would have had this when I was little.  I will warn you now......prepare your wallet! If you are not careful, you could end up having to take out a loan just for this place. Laney was wanting it all. I had to explain this was her first time and to take it slowly!!!!!

As soon as we drove up and saw the red, she was screaming.

Laney invited her little sister to her birthday extravaganza. I did have to explain to Ella that this was Laney's birthday present. If she liked it and wanted one for her birthday, she would have to wait until then. I did not want to have to empty out our savings in 1 trip.

Getting the doll was the easy part. She knew when I told her about the doll Lanie that is the one she wanted.

Picking out an outfit was the hard part. She had received some money for her birthday so the outfit is what she wanted to purchase. 1 hour later, she decided on the matching dress.

My mom joined us on this great adventure and I am so glad she did. It made the experience even more enjoyable.

After taking pictures, it was time for lunch. 

Your doll gets to sit in a special chair with you. If you do not have a doll, they have some you can borrow. Ella was excited that she got to pick one and bring it to lunch. 

They brought each doll a little muffin for them Laney and Ella to eat.

We had to tell Lanie( the doll) that smoking carrots was not allowed in the Bistro.

For lunch, we all picked out a starter and then a main course. I thought the food was delicious! Laney chose a veggie platter for her starter and Tic Tac Toe pizza for the main course.

After lunch, we walked around the mall. Before we left to go home, Laney had to take one last look around the store to see what to put on her wish list. I will let Santa handle that one!

We had a great time and will definitely go back ........once we build our savings back up!


  1. This post makes me glad I have boys. LOL! Sounds like you all had fun though. Cute pictures!

  2. How cute! I may not tell Allyson about this for a while and we can just continue to enjoy the Disney Princess stage! I loved the matching dresses and I'm glad Ella was able to borrow one for lunch!

  3. What a great memory! Please let us know how caring for Lanie's hair goes. The curly hair dolls are beautiful but the possible care involved intimidates me.

  4. Looks like so much fun!

    This is what we are planning for Lillie's 9th birthday. I'm hoping Santa will bring the doll and then all we'll have to fork out is for the outfits! I better make a call to Santa now!

  5. Love the pictures and the doll and Laney's outfit. :) So cute...glad you guys had a great time! Wish we could have gone with you guys!