Monday, July 19, 2010

Laney turned 8

So some of you may think I am a horrible mother and let me tell you I did too on Saturday. This past Saturday was Laney's 8th birthday and I was not there with her. I have never missed any of my kids birthdays until that day. 

Before you start giving me the third degree, let me explain. 8 years ago on July 17th, Laney was born and it happened to fall on the same day as our anniversary. No, we did not plan it that way and yes, Carmel thinks it is easier to remember. So for the past 8 years, Laney has been in the spotlight on this date. Any trips we took would happen before of after this date. Well....when your anniversary falls on a Saturday and your sister has your kids, its hard not to plan a romantic anniversary getaway. So that is what we my wonderful husband did. I will do another post on that later because Carmel deserves the recognition. 

Now don't feel to bad for Laney because my sister spoiled her! She took her to Alabama Adventures, bought her a huge 3 layer birthday cake, took her to supper that night and several presents on top of that. I may start having my birthdays at my sisters house!

Laney did not have a birthday party this year mainly because we were gone so much but also because she wants to go to American Girl in Atlanta. She will get to pick out  a doll, outfit and have  lunch there. Sounds like a pretty good birthday to me. Makes me feel a little better about missing Saturday. We wanted to do a little something for her when she got home last night. While I went and picked the kids up, Carmel went to the Dollar Tree and picked up a few decorations, got cake and ice cream and set it all up. I must say for never having planned a kids birthday party( I wouldn't let him because I love planning the parties!) he did very good. We came home to this......

He had decorations, party hats, cake, ice cream, presents and for entertainment bubbles.

All Laney asked for was her own personal cake she could put her face in so that is what she got.

I think this has something to do with the many 1st birthday parties we went to this year!

I thought it was humorous that Carmel even thought of entertainment.

A special thank you to my sister Rebecca for making Laney's birthday so special!


  1. I don't think you should feel bad at all. Looong after your kids are gone, Carmel will still be around, Lord willing! So, you guys need your time to rekindle the flame, hon! :D Glad you had a good time. Can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Wow - birthday on your anniversary. That's tough. Love the pictures of her eating her cake (and your monkeys!). :)