Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beach pictures

Before I show you the beach pictures we took on the beach this year, I want to give you a recap of last years. A few days before we moved, I wanted to get a family beach picture.  It was a disaster! So instead of telling you about it I will just show the picture so you can see for yourself.

Needless to say this one did not make it above the fireplace.

I wanted to try again when we went to Hilton Head. We planned to take them the evening before we left( so I would have a tan for the picture). Well, the rains came crashing down that evening so that idea was out. So we decided to get up the next morning and do them. 

The only thing about taking them in the morning is competing with the sun. We ended up having to close our eyes, counting 1,2,3 and them opening them again. It was definitely an improvement from last years picture.

Just a few of the other shots we took that morning. I did not get a lot because we had to get back so I could repack the kids and meet my sister.

kids and their tats

Carmel and his best friend Scott

We had a great time in Hilton Head, SC. Of course, I always have a good time when I am with family, friends and the BEACH.

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