Saturday, July 10, 2010


The day before we left New York, I went with my friend to run errands. We happen to pass this place.

Some of you maybe wondering what it is. Have you ever seen the show Orange County Choppers on TLC? This is their shop and where they film the bikes they create. It is located in Newburgh, NY. Even if you are not a die hard motorcycle fan like my hubby. This is still a cool place to check out. They have several bikes on display from the show. Most of them have a theme. These were some of my favorites....

The ride and grill

dedicated to Christopher Reeves

Old School

Dedicated to those victims from The Shuttles

for Santa

Air Force

 and my favorite......

The one dedicated to the FDNY from 911

They even incorporated a piece from the Twin Towers onto the bike.
Well, that about wraps up our trip to New York. I am very exhausted from doing so much but it was well worth it. Thank you again Christie for being such a great friend and hostess!
Our next destination.......Hilton Head, SC

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