Monday, December 16, 2013

I am thankful its not Christmas yet......

so I can post about our Thanksgiving!

The Parker Thanksgiving was at my parents house this year so I stayed behind to help and study for the MAT test while the rest of the family went to SC. I don't have very many photos of Thanksgiving Day.

Okay so I only have 1!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving around 70 of the Parker family members, made their way to my parents house for a day of eating, visiting, and games. I was the photographer for the day so I was snapping up a storm. I had way to many to post so I chose some of my favorites!

We played Minute to Win it games like.......

Snowball Toss

Each team chose a player to see how many marshmallows he/she could throw through the wreath into the basket.

Christmas Tree Stacking

The chosen player had to stack the cups to form a Christmas tree within a minute, of course.

Present Time

Each player had to open a wrapped present......with gloves on!

Not as easy as it looks!

Pass the hula hoop

Can't remember what kind of Christmas name we gave this one. The whole team had to hold hands while passing the hula hoop around the circle. For the older generation, this definitely tested flexibility skills!

It was a day filled with fun(especially since Auburn pulled out the famous victory)! I can't wait til we all meet again!

I love my family!

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