Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Memories of Chewy

If you were to ask me the one thing I will always remember about Chewy and miss the most, it would be his snuggling. He always loved to be touching someone! I can remember sitting at the computer with him laying on my feet. The last few years he has slept at my bottom( are not going to see a picture of my bottom!). With that being are a few of my favorites.

Sometimes when his name was called, he would tilt his head to the side and give you this cute look! As you kept the conversation going, his head would tilt the other way. I think he listened better than my children!

Chewy would love to go for walks. Every time he saw me getting my walking shoes, he usually would not leave my side.

He snored.......VERY LOUDLY! My brother in law shared a story with me recently after Chewy had stayed the weekend. There was a loud sound in his dream he couldn't turn off. He woke up to Chewy right beside his face snoring.

He was very skittish of everything! 

The broom

One time there was a motor in the garage, I had to pick him up and carry him inside. He would not go past the motor.

I want to end with a few more pictures of our Chewy. Thank you for taking the time to walk down memory lane with us!

We will miss you Chewy!

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