Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Laney!

My sweet Laneybug turned 7 yesterday.Well....I guess I should say 2 days ago since it is now 12:30. Our day was crazy because we were in Ga for part of the day and then planning to go home. We squeezed in a birthday lunch for her at Burger King. She was so thrilled to be able to order whatever she wanted. She chose a happy meal of course with apple fries. I rarely order happy meals so they are a treat in our family. My friend Cheryl made Laney cupcakes for her birthday. They were so yummy and so much better than the Walmart brand I was going to get her. Thank you Cheryl!!!!!!

Saturday, Laney had her party at Build A Bear. She invited a few of her closest friends. We(I mean I) wanted to keep it simple and easy. Now if you know me then you know I like to go all out with the theme planned parties for my kids. I had to go the easy route because we are moving to Ga this week. I must say it was a lot less stressful.

The girls and their bears.

Laney and her friends.

Little sister Ella could not wait to get started. Here she is listening so attentively to the host giving instructions. I wish she listened that well for me. I almost think she had more fun than Laney.

They played a few silly games.

After Build A Bear, We walked over to ColdStone Creamery where I ordered their ice cream birthday cupcakes. If you have not tried them yet you should. They were yummo! They have a layer of cake, ice cream and frosting with sprinkles all in a chocolate cup. Perfect single serving. You do have to eat them quickly or they can become messy.

Her birthday celebrating is still not over. She will have party with family once we move to GA.



  1. Sage had such a good time. I didn't know you could do parties there. Ella wore that outfit to church a few weeks ago and I was looking at it to see how it was made. I asked her who made it for her and she said, "My Daddy made it." I didn't know Carmel had sewing skills.

  2. They do and it is $10 a person(not bad for not having to do anything but show up) What can I say my man has skills. NOT! I got it off of ebay for $15 shipping included.