Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4thof July

I have decided to finally try blogging. I am very new at this and am hoping to become alot better after much needed advice(Tara and Amber - blog pros) and practice. I am mainly doing it because I enjoy looking at other blogs so much that I wanted to create one for our family. We are getting ready to move again and I am hoping that it will help keep me in touch with friends and family. I thought a good start would be the 4th of July weekend so here goes. Griffin had spent the week with my parents so they brought him home and decided to stay the weekend. We spent most of the day at the beach. We soaked up the sun, caught a few waves and buried Griffin in the sand. I am a beachy kind of girl so that was a perfect way to spend the day( I am going to miss being close to the beach). We came back home to get ready to go to the annual Buck's Pond 4th of July. Some friends of our host it at their pond. I decided to make the girls matching outfits. Yes, I caught the matching bug but in my defense the girls love it too! I thought they turned out rather cute. Carmel was about to put on a black Harley Davidson shirt. WHAT???? I reminded him it was the 4th and we were wearing red, white and blue.He decided to change. Thank goodness! We had a great night of food, fun, fellowship and awesome fireworks. Whew! Next time I am going to have to do a shorter blog. I am tired and I can't feel my fingertips anymore. Thanks for reading! Now for pictures.......

My parents had Griffin the week before so they decided to bring him back and stay with us through the weekend. I am so glad they did because we had a great time!


  1. I'm glad you finally started one---or at least got it up and running!

  2. YAY! All you needed was a little peer pressure! This looks great. But I expect to see at least weekly posts after you move!

  3. Hey Suzy! Welcome to blogland! I found your link on Amber's blog. I'll add you to mine too. The girls' matching outfits are adorable. Good luck with the move! Maybe we'll get to see you when we come to visit WR now!