Monday, August 2, 2010

My freedom is officially gone!

I will be leaving in about 30 minutes to my first day back at work. Technically, I have already been "working" trying to prepare but still had the freedom to choose when I go and how long I stay. I am really going to miss being a stay at home mom. . I am so blessed to have had the chance to be at home with my kids and watch them grow.  When this opportunity presented itself  I knew God was opening a door and wanted me to take it. The hardest day will be Monday. Ella's first day  will be then so I am sure that will be an emotional and bitter sweet day for me. To top it off mother nature is scheduled  to pay a visit then so it will be hard to hold it together. I have meet Laney's teacher and really like her so far. Right now there are only 6 students in her class so that is a plus. I am confident that she is ready to enter 3rd grade. Griffin seems to be excited about going. I see more enthusiasm for this school than I have with  any of the others in the past 3 years. I think he is really excited with the fact that we will all be there together. Well, I guess I better go so I am not late for my first official day. Okay........quit laughing.....I am not going to be late.

Check back later to see how my first day went and what I have done to prepare for going back to work.

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  1. I am so excited for you guys--I hope you all love it.