Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome to Kindergarten!

I am so excited to be teaching Kindergarten. Way back when.....I used to dream of teaching this age. I have taught everything around it but never Kindergarten. Hopefully, I won't be pulling my hair out at the end of the year wondering....what was I thinking????

I have been working really hard this week trying to get my room put together. So here is a little peak at where I will be spending my days.

Oh sorry! Wrong dream.

Mom.....any of this looking familiar? 

This is the project I am most proud of......

I made 2 of these from a sheet I bought at Walmart for $3. Cute and thrifty!

I love the way it came together. I mainly used items I had, given to me or found at the school. So little money was spent. A finished cute room and I didn't have to rob a bank. Now that is being frugal!


  1. I think I have that same sheet--just bought it to back a quilt with!

  2. Love your room did a great job and I know those kids are going to love having you as their teacher! Teach them how to save money early...oh and don't forget the acronyms RR, ECB's, and so on. :)