Monday, August 2, 2010

How do you know when you have to much on your mind?

It is either too much on my mind or I am loosing it. I would like to think the first!

1. While driving on the interstate, I go all the way to the next city before I realize I passed my exit.

2. I make a huge dessert for Monday Night for the Master at church, arrive only to find out no one is there and it is next Monday. Guess who gets to make the dessert all over again?

3. The smell from the washing machine reminds me I forgot to dry the towels.

4. It only took me 2 hours today before I realized my zipper was down while at work.

 Can't wait to see what adventures await me tomorrow.


  1. Well... I've done #1, #3, and a version of #2...Hope tomorrow is just as adventurous!! p.s. you were just perfecting your dessert for next week!

  2. Look at it this way, you got a little extra time in to think (#1), you had dessert for after supper which I'm sure the kids loved (#2), don't really have anything for #3 but I have done that, and you know your co-workers a little better and know they can't be trusted since no one told you about #4. Suzy, you have to look at things on the positive side!

  3. Manic Monday for sure!! Too much on your mind. You're not losing it!