Sunday, June 13, 2010

We're Back!

Well, we made it back today from our trip to Gatlinburg, Tn. We had so much fun and I took so many pictures that I will have to break it down into a few post.....mainly so I won't be on here all night. I am a wee bit tired. So here goes....Gatlinburg, Take 1....

We( and when I say we I mean Griffin, Laney, Ella, Ashton and me....1 adult and 4 kids) left last Tuesday to go to Gatlinburg. 
Okay, so let me start out by saying.....I don't know why I set a time to leave because it never happens that way. I wanted to leave by 9:00 and I probably could have if I was traveling alone but life happens......

pack for 4 kids and 1 adult
get the kids and me ready
make lunches and pack snacks for car ride
get directions to the cabin just in case GPS goes out
pay a couple of bills
shut down computer
forgot to call about dropping the dog off
call about boarding and whew they have room
pack the car by myself
wonder why I took a shower because I am drenched in sweat( nothing like that sticky feeling for 9 hours)
Griffin helped me out by cranking the car an hour before we left.....yes, car was on empty.
kids sit in the car watching a movie while I finish loading everything ( helpful...I know!)
cut down the air in the house, leave a light on, turn the water off
 and shut the garage
open back up because a child has to pee....of course
close it again
reopen, I forgot to stop the mail
computer on, stop mail, computer back off
close the garage , pull out and yes we are way past the E
the movie is over
and so it begins......can we watch another movie, I'm hungry, he touched me, she looked at me, turn the air down, turn the music up......and so on.
Wait......where's Chewy???
watering our yard
everyone accounted for 1,2,3,4,5....yes
stop to get gas, pull right back out, they only take cash....What???
get gas
drop Chewy off
throw all the food and drinks in the back for Griffin to handle
roll up my imaginary window that seperates me and the kids
turn on my ipod...with headphones....on super loud...illegal??....after my morning who cares
on the road at 12:00
stop by to see my grandmother
back on the road.....4:30
stop to eat 
stop to pee
stop to poop
arrive at National Park
pull over and get out because everyone is looking at this

load back up because my kids are the only ones chasing each other and making noise....why else would the animal be looking right at us???
drive right past the road to the cabin on to the other side of Gatlinburg.....who would have thought check in was so far away from the cabin.
stop for gas
stop to pee at a grocery store
walk all the way around the store only to find that the bathroom was near the front
get free deli samples because they just had to put the bathroom close to there
raid the pamphlet rack of everything you can possible do in the surrounding area....which by the way they want to do it 4 days
load back up
12 hours later we finally make it!!!

End of day 1
.......stayed tuned for day 2. I promise you it is not as eventful as this day.

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  1. Girl you crack me up. Sorry you had a rough start, but I'm sure it was all worth it. Thanks for letting me know I can stop my mail online...had no idea, and I need to do that for our anniversary trip in a few weeks. Thank ya much!