Friday, May 2, 2014

Jr/Sr Banquet

A couple of weeks ago, Griffin got all dressed up in a tux to go to his last high school formal event. Jr/Sr is like prom but without the dancing. His date for the evening was a girl named Bailey. They did not realize it until recently but they went to preschool together. I pulled out pictures from Griffin's preschool years and showed him all his besties from long ago. It's funny now when I look back......he must have been a ladies man. He is surrounded by girls in almost every picture. Anyways.....back to the present! My dad was crazy graciously let Griffin have his Jeep for the evening. He wanted to pick up his date in style! I don't know why his other options were perfectly fine.........95 civic, van or motorcycle!

Before the banquet started, everyone including the parents met up for pictures. Sadly, I was not able to attend this due to my cousin's wedding happening at the same. The girls and I went to the wedding and Carmel went to take pictures. I hated to miss it but glad he took several and he did a fantastic job I might add!

Dalraida group

 The senior guys

The senior class

This was inside the banquet facilities. 

Can't believe it's almost over!

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