Friday, May 16, 2014

Seeds and Lites Banquet

At the church we attend, there is a program for 3rd - 6th graders called Seeds and Lites. They teach the kids many skills needed in the church. Here are a few of the things they did this year.

Stuff bags with goodies for a college student.
Learn to prepare the lord supper.
Prepare and present a speech during ladies bible class.
Plan, prepare and host a Ladies tea.
Bake cookies and deliver to the elderly.

My girls really enjoyed participating this year!
At the end of the year, there is a banquet held for those who participated and for the 6th graders moving up to the youth group. We ate, kids received gifts and shared a video. Since it was the night of Mother's Day, the kids showed some love to their mothers on the video. 

I did not get a lot of pictures during the banquet. Here are my girls and their crazy friends!

All of these girls but 1 are moving up to the youth group in just a couple of weeks. To say these girls are excited would be an understatement! On the video, they captured a few of these girls(including mine) talking about what they were looking forward to by being in the youth group. They mentioned trips, activities, devos.......... and I am pretty sure boys was mentioned more than once! These girls are hilarious when put together! I can't wait to chaperone and pretend I am asleep! I am so glad these girls(the twins are new as well this year) met and have formed such a close relationship.

Here is another group of sweet and funny girls. Most nights at church, Ella hides from me just so she can stay with her friends longer. 

I am so glad that my girls have these friends that belong to great Christian families. I prayed everyday that we would make the right decision as far as which congregation to attend(there are many great choices here). By looking at how quickly my girls have formed bonds with these girls and others, I know we made the right choice!

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