Monday, May 19, 2014

Brains, beating and bowels......oh my!

We are almost done with our Science book. 

We have really enjoyed learning more about how our body works. I think the girls have enjoyed the experiments more than anything! I just realized there have been quite a few experiments that I have not shared. I decided I would just cram them all into 1. You can probably guess by the title what we have covered in the last few lessons.

I shared our poop making experiment a while back but realized I left out our model the girls made of the digestive system.

Here is the picture that was in our book.

This is what Laney's final product looked like.

Ella spent about an hour on hers. 

She was so proud of it!

We talked about our blood, how it works and the components of blood.

We took a jar and filled it 1/4 full of plasma( karo syrup).

We added white blood cells(white jelly beans), red blood cells(fire balls) and platelets(sprinkles).

After a few days, our blood was red.

Next up was the heart. We made an edible heart showing the atrium, ventricle, veins, arteries, aorta and vena cava.

After we built it.........we ate it!

Lastly, we made a thinking cap to help us remember the lobes of the brain.

Ella had hers a little twisted in this picture!

Hopefully, they won't loose their  thinking cap over the summer!

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