Thursday, May 8, 2014

Griffin's Senior Banquet

Well........we are quickly approaching graduation day. I was talking with a friend the other day. We were sharing  our breakdown moments during this senior year and how busy we were lately! I explained the reason why I thought we were so busy with graduation details towards the end of the year. It's so we don't have time to ball daily over the fact that our family life is about to change forever. Don't get me wrong......I am so happy for this new chapter for my son. I am just really sad about the changes(I don't adapt to change very quickly). I only have a few months left for him to wake up in his bed, to see him come through the door in the evening or the random face to face chats throughout the day. I am going to miss it!!!!!! Now here I go having a breakdown moment while typing this!

(pause for tissue)

His dad and I have discussed the idea of being dorm parents just so we could see him everyday! I don't think Griffin would appreciate that idea! Seriously, we would be ecstatic if he remembers to call or visit us often.

Okay...... enough of the sentimental  jibber jabber.......back to the banquet.

At church, they set aside a night after evening worship to honor the seniors. We had a dinner filled with the seniors favorite foods, a table decorated for each senior, speeches and a slide show to finish the night. It was a night filled with wonderful memories. 

This year the church had 5 seniors.

 Yes, Griffin was surrounded by ladies. I don't think he had a problem with it!

Here is Griffin's table. 
We provided the pictures while another family in the youth group made his board.


A family member of each senior spoke for a few moments to and about their senior. I told Carmel he had to speak. I don't think I could have been able to get one word out. Besides, I couldn't have puffy eyes for pictures that would come later!

This is the youth minister and his family. They are such a great family! We were glad Griffin was able to spend his senior year here with Will and the other youth. Laney can't wait to be a part of it in just a few weeks!

Now that we live near family again, they are able to come to events like this.

We have loved the fact that Griffin was able to spend his senior year with his cousin. I think Michael saw him more this year than we did!

When I was looking back at the pictures from this night, I came across this one with these beautiful girls.

Funny....I never knew my camera went missing for this photo. 

A few other friends.

A few more photos of our family and then I will be finished.

The next big event will be him walking across the stage.

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