Tuesday, May 6, 2014

L2L 2014

We have been involved in Lads to Leaders for 10 years now. Griffin was Ella's age(8) when we went to our first convention. Can't believe it has been that long! Our children had grown and learned so much from being involved in this program. I truly believe Griffin gained his courage to lead songs, read scripture and even preach in front of 200 or more due to L2L. 
The church where we attend now was not involved in L2L. We knew that before we placed membership. Since we have been involved in L2L for so many years, we thought it was time for us to take on a new challenge. We decided to be leaders and give families the chance to participate in the program. We had 8 families involved this year!

Due to moving and our family being apart for over 6 months, we decided to keep it simple this year. We did not do a lot of the competitive events. Here is what our children were involved this year.


Good Samaritan, Year Round Song Leading and Year Round Bible Reading

He was selected to be a host this year.

He also received a L2L scholarship to Faulkner University.

Although this is his last year, we are hoping he will be able to come back with us to support his sisters!


Good Samaritan, Bible Reading, Song Leading and Gifts.


Good Samaritan, Bible Reading, Song Leading and Know the Books

I am so proud of my kids and all the other children who were involved!
We are hoping  that several more families will decide to join us next year and we can be involved in more events! Here are a few highlights from the weekend!

We were so excited to see our friends from Warner Robins.

Looking forward to next year!

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