Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day

Here is a quick breakdown of my Mother's Day.


Lunch where we waited for about 45 minutes and an ambulance was called for an older lady. 

pictures outside

my mom and I

Laney was taking our picture and decided to tell us how and where to pose. 
We decided to give her a taste of her own medicine(she has been known to not like pictures and ruin a few).

Being the good mother that I am.......I became difficult.

My mom took a few of us.

Ella wanted a few of just her. These were her idea.

We decided to quit once the sweat beads started rolling down.

Inside My mom and I opened gifts.

She wanted new pictures of our family at Christmas but since I knew we were going to have professional ones made, I opted to wait until Mother's Day.

The one she is holding is an 11x14 canvas of our family.

I received a tissue flower bouquet(which Laney's Co-op class made for the Spring Showcase the night before) from Ella. I just love her thoughtfulness!

Griffin started working at a local craft store about a month ago, he has already been promoted to the frame shop. I thought  I was excited about the extra 30% off discount, but it turns out there are even better advantages!

He took our family picture(without me realizing it was gone) and framed it himself. I love it! He may just have to keep this job for his mother's benefit!

He also gave his dad and I his Senior Memory book that he had been working on all year. I had to read it later due to the possibility of  tears.

Since I am returning to school this summer, I needed school supplies. I am not talking about pencils and paper. That is so old school!

I am talking about a new laptop!

I can't say I am excited about all the studying and projects that are in my future but I am ecstatic about my present!

Along with the laptop, my family got me a bookbag. I asked where my monogram initials were.......

My lovely husband said, "They're on there.....see the SOL on the side......that stands for Sorry Old Lady!"

It's a good thing I was still on a high from my other present!

We went back to church that evening.

Seeds and Lites Banquet followed after services(will share later).

I had a wonderful Mother's Day!
I am blessed to be the mother of these three wonderful kiddos!

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