Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We were happy.... happy....happy Saturday night......and that's a fact Jack!

Saturday, we went to Montgomery for Faulkner's Spring benefit. They have had a lot of top name people come speak at their benefits like Sarah Palin.....George and Laura Bush........coming up is even Bill O'Reilly.   They are all great intellectual and motivational speakers but  this year it was on like Donkey Kong!

If you haven't guessed it already, The speakers this year were Willie and Si from the hit tv show Duck Dynasty!

Faulkner University presents Duck Dynasty

It was the biggest redneck......camo wearing.....laid back benefit I have ever been too!

This family has been making their rounds speaking at several of the Christian schools. Faulkner did GOOD when they decided to have Si come to Montgomery. He CRACKS ME UP! He reminds me so much of my uncle except for the long beard.


My dad got tickets on the second row center stage. At first, the plans were for my parents, Carmel and I to go but my dad had extra tickets so the girls were thrilled when they found out they were going! Ella would have spent her own money for the chance to see them. 

Willie spoke mostly in the beginning. 

He answered the most commonly asked questions.
I have to say I was shocked at how quiet Si was in the beginning. He is never that quiet on the show! In the beginning he sat in his chair sipping his tea.

Once Willie gave him a chance to talk..........he had a lot to say!

When this man tells stories.......you never know where there heading or how they'll end!

He told us a about a hunting trip he took while he was in Germany. He was sitting in a deer stand smoking(he no longer smokes). The smoke would make a loop and head towards the ground. He did this several times before he heard a cough. He thought it was his friend returning but when he looked down.............it was a German deer coughing! His lesson learned........German deer do not like second hand smoke!


And that's a fact.....Jack!

They ended the night telling the audience about Jesus.

There are not very many good wholesome family shows on tv these days......let a lone one that talks, quote scriptures and prays. This is one of the few that our whole family can sit down and enjoy together!

We were thrilled to have had the chance to see them speak.......just wish it could have been the whole gang!

After it was over, the girls went on stage to get their picture made in the same chairs Willie and Si sat.

If only these 2 had a mic.........Ooooo........the entertainment!

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  1. Thanks for bringing your family to our Duck Dynasty event. We appreciate your support and hope you will come back on Sept. 26 to see Bill O'Reilly. More details are available at www.faulkner.edu.