Tuesday, April 2, 2013

L2L 2013

For the past several years, we have attended the Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes Convention on Easter weekend. This past weekend marked our 10th year to be involved. My kids have learned a lot by being involved in L2l. Griffin gained courage to speak in front of others because of this program. Something I still struggle with! He will speak during worship, give devos and lead singing when asked on the spur of the moment. 

My girls are still working on the courage part but are getting better each year. 
They seem to add more events to the list each year. I feel like I am running the whole weekend trying to see them all! One event this year,  we actually watched from the glass window because we were late.

This year, Ella participated in  Bible Reading, Song Leading, Good Samaritan, Art, Puppets and Group Scrapbook.

Laney participated in Bible Reading, Good Samaritan, Art, Puppets, Bible Bowl and Group Scrapbook.

Griffin was out of town until late Friday night so he only participated in Good Samaritan, Bible Bowl and Group Scrapbook.

A few highlights from our weekend!

For group scrapbook this year, we chose the fair theme. It won First Place!!!!

For the Ferris wheel on the front, we added pictures to make it look like our kids were riding it. I thought it turned out really cute!

Getting a medal for Good Samaritan.

This year my parents, sister and nephew were able to attend the convention in Atlanta.

Ella getting ready for puppets.
  Laney getting ready for Bible Bowl.

 The Saturday we were there was my sister's birthday. we went out for Mexican and got her a cookie cake cookies. We wanted to get her a cake but the wait was too long.

 Each year, they always call the K-2 participants up to the stage. Ella only has one more year before she will no longer be able to go up. She will however be participating in a lot more competitive events.

 Her puppet team won 3rd place. 

This was our group this year. My nephew was taking this picture so that is why you see other photographers in the picture.
We had the biggest group attend this year.

We usually get family pictures made but most of the family had already made their way back to the room.
 Just a few of us had the privilege of Suzy's annual L2L picture session.

After the ceremony, we were invited up to Jack Zorn's( the founder of L2L) suite for refreshments.

It was on the 47 floor so the kids loved looking out the window at the Atlanta night lights.

Mr. Zorn wanted a picture  with all the deacons.

I realized after going through all my pictures of this past weekend, this is the only picture I got of Carmel.......and its not even with us!

After eating breakfast at the hotel, it was time to say goodbye.

Another great year of Lads to Leaders!


  1. So sad we had to miss and miss seeing you guys. And we are only a couple of who still participate from our church. Hope we can go next year!

  2. We missed seeing y'all there too! I went back and looked at your past L2L post. All the girls have grown up so much! There were not as many groups as there normally are.