Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Color Run 2013 in Atlanta

If you haven't noticed this already........I am on a running kick. It started less than a year ago when we did the Chickfila 5k as a family.

I have to stop for a minute and admit.....I used to hate running. I was always a speed walker! Even during this particular 5K, I was not enjoying it very much(lots of hills.....with little training!). But the feeling of accomplishment at the end was like nothing else!

I kept on.........and signed up with my sister for the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

This is when my addiction began! I absolutely loved it! Maybe it was because I got to dress up.......or the entertainment.......or the company.......or the fact that I was better prepared......or I felt healthier. I enjoyed it a lot more than the 5K. I was on such a high coming across the finish line!

This event motivated me to keep on......and so I did!

A couple of weekends ago, I participated in The Color Run. It was so much fun! I did it with friends but it would be a great one to do as a family. In fact, I promised the girls, with a little training, we could do the one in Birmingham this September. 

I met up with the other three ladies the day before to discuss our outfit for race day. 
We raided the Dollar Tree.......

it's the season for luaus! 
The night before I tried on all my get up and practiced running down the hall(What??...people would think I was crazy if they saw me outside). I realized that night what pieces would not work for me. I will let you figure it out by playing a little game called.....What's Missing!

If some of the pictures below look a little blurry, it's due to a ziploc bag protecting my phone. I wanted to be covered in color not my phone!

Here is a clean before picture of me.

There were over 40,000 that were participated in the race that day. 


I had my tatoo on and was ready to start!

As we went through 4 color stations, people were waiting with containers of color to throw on us. 

You can tell which ones were volunteers in the next picture. Just look for yellow!

After crossing the finish line, we took a few after pictures.

I saw a couple of other friends while I was there!
We were given a packet of color to throw at the after party. Since we had to leave, we threw it on each other!

I was not as colorful as I thought I would be....... but I did not roll in it or have color fights like some people. 
That's okay!
I will know what to do in September!

We had a blast doing this 5K! It is definitely the happiest 5K I've done!

Can you tell I embraced each color with my arms up?

I took a picture of my face once I got home and took the glasses off.

It took a few good scrubs......and one hop back into the shower .......before it finally came off!

My next 5K is The Zombie Run.

I will be doing it with my hubby(I need to be protected for this one!!!!!) and 2 other couples.

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