Friday, April 19, 2013


First of all....what is up with wording having a # sign in front of it? 
I guess it is the it thing now?

I can now say I am with the times because I put it in my title!

Moving on......

Where I grew up, people mostly ate ice cream or shaved ice. I can remember only one frozen yogurt shop called TCBY. You would go in and order just like you would ice cream.

My how times have changed. Where we live now.....there are 5 yogurt shops! You also have to do all the work yourself!

If you haven't been in one, let me explain.

You walk in and they immediately hand you these little sample cups. So...of want to sample everyone.

Now......I could just stop after this and say I have had my fill of frozen yogurt.

But your children are lured to the massive cups sitting on the counter!

This is every owners dream...........children fixing their own!
This is every mothers/payees nightmare!

You have to be quick to could become massive!

It doesn't stop there......they have numerous options for toppings.....also self serve!

So end the end you have this nice big bowl of goodness!

Did I forget to mention.........YOU PAY BY THE OUNCE?

It's always a surprise!
Hopefully, we won't get to the point of needing a loan for yogurt!

It is a rare treat that we will miss once we move.

We ended up filling up a card for a free yogurt.

We used it to take Griffin a bowl.

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