Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Niece's Tangled Party

Last weekend, we traveled to South Carolina for my niece's birthday party. Since she loves Tangled right now, that is what she chose for her theme this year. It was held at a nearby park. 

It was so beautiful!
 It would have been perfect if the weather was just a tad bid warmer. We were not expecting it to be so windy and chilly! A few of us were not prepared!

I guess this is better than the time I forgot to pack panties for both girls at L2L.

What would a Tangled party be without a Tangled cake?

My niece has some gorgeous red hair!

After cake,  the kids took turns hitting the pinata.

This is what you expect to see after the pinata breaks open.......

not in our family.

You don't grab.......you don't get!
(There were no children harmed during this candy grabbing incident)

As we walked around the trail, we noticed a few other treats at the park.


We had a great time getting tangled up in all the party fun!

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