Monday, April 29, 2013

College road trip to Freed Hardeman

A couple of weeks ago, we took a few of the youth to check out a potential Christian college.

 Freed Hardeman was the only Christian college I had not seen so I was excited to check it out!

Let me just say........

I was VERY impressed!

Everything was well organized and enticing!
 I almost signed myself up for another round of college.........

until we sat in the dreaded "Reality $ Shocker" parent meeting!

How did college get to be so expensive!!!!!!!

Good thing kids can get their own loan these days!

Laney told me she was attending Freed Hardeman......
I told her she better start saving now!!

It was Maroon and Gold Day on campus this particular weekend so they were expecting quite the crowd.

During a yummy lunch,  a faculty member was seated at each table to answer any questions. It was very relaxed and informative.

After lunch, the future students were able to sit in a classroom of his/her choice while the parents attended another meeting. We met back up later for a tour of the campus.

There were many beautiful spots on campus.
I couldn't help but take a few snapshots every now and then.......

of the ones that would let me!

After the tour, the kids hung out at the student center drinking cokes and getting free t shirts while the parents attended another meeting.

I admit I slipped out of this one, when I realized there was a coffee shop right next door!

Once the scheduled tours and meetings were finished, we were given free tickets to see  Making Music  that night.

It is always fun to see what kind of acts the clubs put on at these types of events.

Once it was over, some of our kids stayed in the dorms while the rest of us crashed at a nearby hotel.

After breakfast the next day, we went to the school store.
 Outside the store is a lion(FHU mascot).
We were told the students regularly paint this lion different colors every so often.

I was hoping to get a family picture but there were only a few times we were actually all together. The hubs was waiting with the bus while we took this picture.

Which reminds me......
a huge shout out to the hubby for driving close to 22 hours in 3 days!

We had a great trip and definitely added Freed Hardeman to the Where I Want to go to College List.

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