Friday, March 8, 2013

Disney Princees Half Marathon Part 2

Every time I run, the first mile to me is the hardest. I think my legs must take longer to warm up.

Not on race day!
 I was so excited and pumped.......I think I ran the first mile!

Okay.....let me stop right here and explain......... that it did not take us 56 minutes to run a mile. You will see several pictures documenting each mile. The time that you see is from when the first group left. Remember we were in Corral G! We left 47 minutes after the first group.

Right before we hit mile 3, we ran through the Magic Kingdom sign.

Okay......let me stop right here too! I was not going in the wrong direction. I wanted a picture in front of the sign but thought I may get run over in the process. To solve that problem....... I walked backwards to get it! Just like in this instance, you will see later on how we had to make do on a few things.

By mile 3, I realized there were going to be lots and lots of picture taking moments. A lot more than I expected! Some photo ops we had to give up because 
1. We would never get done! 
2. The lines were too long!

Yes....that was the line to see the evil characters!

Soon after mile 5, we entered into Magic Kingdom.

I am going to leave the run through Magic Kingdom for another post. It was definitely my favorite part.......... lots of  great moments to capture!

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