Thursday, March 7, 2013

My First Half Marathon

I may will have to break up this post due to the amount of pictures. I want to include as much as I can remember. I want documented proof that I DID IT! As I get older some memories and stories are fading. Will I forget about doing a half marathon? Probably not! I may however forget some of the awesome details!

I started training back in May 2012 when a friend came up to me and said, "Let's do a marathon!" I gave her this crazy look and said, "You just don't go and do a marathon. It takes a lot of dedication!" I saw the hours my hubby put in for his marathon.  Besides, I hated running! I was a speed walker! After I thought about it, I decided I would commit to a half marathon. 

I also decided if I was going to do a half, I wanted to enjoy it! I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Due to some unplanned circumstances my friend had to back out of the half so I persuaded my sister to join me!

So the training began!

woman running 

Some days I felt like this......... nothing could slow me down............ I was on Fire!

Most days were another story!

 I had practiced two 13.2 mile runs prior to race day. The first one was difficult! My thighs and calves were killing me! The second time was easier!

I had read several blog reviews about the Princess Half and most of them said the same thing. It was hard to keep a good time especially if you were near the back or stopped for a lot for pictures. I knew I wanted to enjoy every minute and capture as much as I could! I decided not to do it for a good race time but to do it for the accomplishment!

Sunday morning, we woke up at 3:00 am.......yes 3:00 AM IN THE MORNING.......and drove to Epcot. After using the bathroom several times, we went to our section which was corral G. Corral H was the last one so we were further back in line. To figure out our place in line, upon registering we had to submit a race time. I knew what time I could do a mile in but not 13.1. I just guessed with some leeway. Apparently, several thousand other ladies felt they were pros or just plain liars.

Here are a few prerace pictures.

Since we were running in a Princess race, we had to get dressed up for it. I had plans to make us tutus but saw these at Michaels for $1 in the after Christmas section. I couldn't pass it up!

You can tell this is a race with mostly women. Tons of port-a-pots and long lines!

A few of the necessities:


 gummy energy chews

and an excited picture and recording!

When it was time for each corral to start , they had Fairy Godmother do her bibbity bobbity boo to send everyone off along with fireworks. It was an awesome way to start running!

After we passed The Fairy Godmother and went up under the Princess sign, it was time get movin!

I will stop there for now. 
When I return, the race highlights!

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