Thursday, February 28, 2013

Disney Princess Expo

On Friday, We went to pick up our race packets at the Expo. Since there were over 26,000 people participating in the races that weekend, we had to catch a bus from Downtown Disney to the Expo.

Once we had picked up the packets, we walked around the Expo.

There was a wall with all of the participants names.

I found mine!

There was a table set up for the family members to make a sign for their runner.

Make sure you read some of the comments Ella wrote to cheer me on!
We did not get to stay long because we had to meet friends at a baseball game.

In our packet was our bib number, the 2013 Princess shirt, button, tattoos(which Ella still has on her face after a week), a protein bar and an instruction manual.

I was excited and ready!

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