Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

I tried out a new recipe and it was a hit with the family. Well maybe not the whole family. The hubby was gone and didn't get to try the masterpiece. My youngest........well......she is the picky eater in the family and would not even try it. Her vote doesn't count!

Griffin is all about hot and spicy. He has had to slow down a bit due heartburn. At age 17, the Dr wanted to prescribe him a $80/ per month acid reflux pill. I said, "No Way!!!!!!" We reduced his intake and got something over the counter. 

So......of course......when I made the new recipe.....he enjoyed the rare indulgence!

Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

I got the recipe from here but made a few changes.

I made it sliced pizza instead of pizza sticks. I also made my own crust using this crust recipe( I just changed freshly ground whole white wheat flour for regular flour).

I will warn you........ even with  mild wing sauce, it can make your eyes water! Just dip it into a little ranch dressing and your good to go!

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