Friday, February 8, 2013

Go Fish

No I am not going to bore you with a post where our family sat around the table and played Go Fish. 

However, I will tell you about a field trip Ella went on earlier this week.

It is amazing how we have lived here a total of 7 years(not consecutively) and are still finding new places to go. 

We have heard friends mention this place that is right up the road but never made the time to go.

I have decided.......we will......go back.....before we leave here again!

The place is called Go Fish. It is open during the week for school groups and on the weekend for the public.

In the gallery, they had several types of fish on the wall.

You could practice deep sea fishing. There was a video on the screen with a fishing line leading up to it. Once you caught the fish on video, the fishing line started tugging. Which meant it was time to real it in. 

Next, it was time to go hunting. After watching this girl shoot, her daddy needs to take her to the shooting range next time. When she was telling her daddy about the field trip, she got excited to tell him about all the beavers she shot. I guess an animal lesson needs to go with the gun lesson. She was shooting squirrels not beavers!

Time to practice bass fishing.

We stepped outside to see the fish and alligators.

At the end of the field trip, we went to the classroom to pet the snakes and turtles.

They have a few extra things you can do on the weekends. One of those would be to fish. I know a certain member of our family who would really enjoy that!

Sometimes having 1 teen boy and 2 girls it is hard to find things the whole family can enjoy. This would definitely be a place to add to our list of things to do!

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