Saturday, March 9, 2013

A short run through Magic Kingdom!

When I say a short run......I truly mean it! 
We spent very little time running in Magic Kingdom. There was too many people trying to get through a narrow path. I didn't mind so much because I wanted to take plenty of pictures and video! Slowing the pace down just a little aloud me to do just that!

As we came around the corner to enter, My hubby and kids stood there cheering us on! 

Some of you may know the excitement you feel when you enter Magic Kingdom and see the castle. The famous road where everyone takes a family photo. The high was 10 times better knowing you are running to it!

When you watch the video you will see my sister in the blue hat and Merida from Brave

We stopped for a picture with Alice.

As we rounded the corner, we saw the castle. 

We received a very special invite into the castle.

You may have heard me say, "awww" in the video. I had just realized the huge line to see this special couple.

This was one of those times when we had to make do. Instead of standing in the long line, I stood to the side and my sister snapped the photo. 

Knowing that we were close to leaving the park, I did not want to give up the next picture opportunity.

So we stood in line to see Cinderella and her Prince. As we got closer, I guess Cinderella had to get ready for the ball. They replaced her with Sleeping Beauty. I was disappointed but at least we got a picture with one of the princesses.

All I could think about during the picture was how the Prince was touching my sweaty shoulder. Hopefully, I didn't stink like some people we passed!

As we were leaving the Magic Kingdom, we were celebrating because we had finished a 10K!


We reached this sign!

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