Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas in Helen Take 2

Christmas Eve day we celebrated Christmas with my parents, sister, grandmother and nephew before heading back home. I don't know about you but Christmas does not feel like Christmas without a tree. As part of my parents gift I brought them a tree decorated with ribbon and ornaments to help replenish what they had lost in the fire. I thought it turned out nicely. My grandmother kept saying the whole week, "That is such a pretty tree". I guess she liked it too. My kids thought it was agonizing torture for us to make them wait all week before opening gifts. They were not happy with me when I told them to go outside for a picture while we waited for the others to finish getting ready. If you have ever been to Helen during the summer you have probably seen people tubing in the water. The place we stayed at was right on that water. Too bad it was not summer. We could have had hours of endless fun by people watching.

Our Santa for the day.

Laney and Ella with my mom. Finally...PRESENT TIME.

Ella is at that perfect present age. She is thrilled with every present she gets. My dad kept grabbing different items around the condo and giving them to Ella. Every time she opened one she would say, "This is so awesome or it's what I wanted". Even when it was the remote to the condo TV.

Okay I know what you moms are thinking. 600 PLUS PIECES! That is what I thought too but Laney is all into fashion so this is the perfect present for her. I did make her wait until we got home to open it and yes first thing I did was give her a Rubbermaid container.

My mom loves rooster actually just about everyone on the Parker side does. It reminds us of our MawMaw. My sister did an oil painting of a rooster for my mom.

You remember the gift Santa gave me early. Well, it was because he saw me slaving away at making my parents scrapbook. He thought it would come in handy. Here is everyone gathered around looking at it. Many long hours of working on it but so worth it. Now I just need to update my own!!!!

Here are a few photos we took in front of the tree before we left.

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