Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We are a divided house

Yes we are a divided house when it comes to sports. Carmel likes his South Carolina Gamecocks and I like Auburn Tigers. This past weekend we headed to Auburn for a match up between the 2 basketball teams. Carmel supported his colors and I mine but what to do with the kids? Well....since I am the one who dresses Laney and Ella I could not help that they ended up in orange and blue. Of course Griffin, a mamas boy, came decked out in orange and blue also. Carmel thinks our mornings of homeschooling start with the chanting of the Auburn Warrrrr Eagle. Not true! They pick up on what they like. No persuading is done on my part. Okay maybe a little.

Griffin and Ella with Aubie. Laney would not come done for the picture.

I did this for Carmel. Yes, his team won.

A picture after the game.

They let the kids come on the court to play and practice shooting a few hoops. I missed the picture of the kids shooting because Carmel wanted his picture with one of the USC players.

After the game we went for supper to celebrate my dad's birthday. At the restaurant, this boy was in the corner the whole time. Laney says, "Mom, look at that boy in the corner. Why is he there?" My reply " He must have been really bad for his parents to put him there. Go ask him what he did." She wouldn't go but was amazed that he was so still and quiet.

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  1. I haven't seen one of those corner kids in a long time. Laney is so funny!