Sunday, January 24, 2010

My fun and fit party

As most of you know from a previous post, I was selected by to host a fun and fit party. They sent me the Jenny McCarthy Wii, Just Dance, Coupons for Jello Temptations Mousse, headbands, napkins, and spoons. All I had to do was invite a few friends to test them out. We had a blast! The most favorite thing the whole night was the Just Dance. It is a good way to get some exercise while having fun. All ages can do this!! Many of my guest purchased it the next day.

This picture may look a little odd but believe me this was the best one. I was trying to show everyone how the Jenny game worked. Most of the guest did not like this. There is some sort of delay from what you do and what Jenny does. We only did a 15 minute workout.

I was able to feel it from just the 15 minutes. Here I am working on my arms. Getting them ready for the summer when I can no longer hide the flab under long sleeves.

My guest could really bust a move.

After working off a some calories, it was time to add some back on with a few light or healthy dishes. We had turkey wraps.

Broccoli Asian slaw

Farmers cheese with garlic crackers, Kellogg's crackers with dip, Crystal Light packets for our bottled water.

Carrots with light ranch.

and for the grand finale Jello's New Mousse Temptations. It is very yummy! Chocolate that is only 60 calories and sugar free. It will definitely have a spot in our refrigerator.

I had so much fun that I am going to do this again!

PS Ladies make sure your husbands have some $1 could earn a nice side income if you know what I mean!

( Carmel's comment on it)

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  1. Oh, yes! You should have another party. I really want to come next time! I am so sorry I missed it! I always LOVE your parties!