Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years South Carolina Style

We went to South Carolina to Carmel's sisters house for a Weed Christmas and New years celebration. On New years eve we had a rare treat, my brother in law cooked a whole pig. I wish now I would have gotten a picture of it. It was delicious!!!! Maybe we should start buying our own pigs and cooking them if they taste that good. Here are a few highlights from out time there. Starting with the youngest Weed member Savannah. She is such a sweetie. Carmel's parents

Griffin and my brother in law Mike

Ella and her marble tower. She begged for me to put it together. I opened it up and saw how many pieces there were and closed it right back up. I told her we would wait until we got back home. I did not want to loose any pieces. That was code word for Griffin can do it. He loves that kind of stuff.

The New Years Eve bonfire

And last but most important( to the kids at least)....fireworks.

My nephew Michael.

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