Friday, January 29, 2010

100 Days! Yay!!!

This past week we celebrated 100 days of homeschooling (really it was a celebration for me lasting this long, haha!). If you would have asked me a year ago if I'd be homeschooling I would have told you no. I was not pleased AT ALL with Laney's first grade year!!! I was not sure where she was academically so I spent many days contemplating, praying and you might as well throw a little crying in there to. As you can see, I decided in the end the best thing for Laney was for me to homeschool her. I knew God would lead me in the right direction because this was the best decision. She just had her conference the other day and she is doing excellent. I have learned that Math even though she is on target and will finish in April is her weakest subject. She is now reading on a 3rd grade reading level and probably fourth by the time school ends. Now I do have to admit there are days I want to pack her a bookbag, drive her up to school and register as quickly as I can but overall.... it has been a blessing for me to have the chance to do this! Right now I am seriously considering doing it again next year. There are so many advantages to doing it. The one thing I was worried about was her socializing( she is one who thrives on it) but she gets so much of that from church, playdates, gymnastics, neighbors, and Co Op. She is not missing out. So onto our 100th day celebration.........
The girls had to count out 100 snacks

We marked 100 steps

Our other activities consisted of:
*counting to 100
*counting by 100 to 1000
*Writing about what I would do if I had a $100 ( Laney said she would give it to someone who needed it. I was shocked to at her answer! Ella drew a picture of a big diamond. I hated to disappoint her and tell her she should have drawn it A LOT smaller!).
* We did 100 PE exercises
* Most of the day we read because we set a goal to read 100 books that day. I am sad to say we did not make it. However, we did read 72 which I think is still pretty good.


  1. Wow! 72 books in one day is better than good its awesome!! Congratulations on your 100th day! It looks like you're doing a really good job with your girls. Maybe when Isabelle is old enough I'll be brave enough to give homeschooling a try. Were you a teacher before you were a SAHM?

  2. Congrats on reaching 100 days! It IS a feat that first year! And -- I'm with Tabby...72 books in ONE day is nothing to cry about. Girl...keep it up! You are doing an awesome job!

  3. I taught first grade. Tabby you should consider it. I know several that homeschool and do not have a teaching degree.