Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No pictures. WHAT????

I think this is my first post without pictures. I love looking, taking and posting pictures. I am really upset that I did not take any to go along with this post but oh well. I wanted everyone to know that.........drum roll please.........bdddddbddddd...........CARMEL COOKED! Ladies I don't mean chicken nuggets or hotdogs. I did not prepare it and then hand it to him to cook on the grill while I prepared sides. He did it all. Carmel told me last week he wanted to have one of his buddies over from work tonight. I mentioned that the girls had gymnastics therefore he would have to cook. I told him what was in the freezer and he chose the ribs. I have to admit I was a little worried. He has never attempted to make them because he says it is to much work for so little meat. He shocked me when he went online for a recipe for ribs. Well let me just tell you they were wonderful! Messy but wonderful! I guess we should have guest over more often. So who wants to be next. Leave me a post and one or who knows maybe all of you will have a chance to win a nice night out at the Weed Restaurant. I may even convince Carmel to make his special again.

Thank you to my wonderful husband for fixing supper!


  1. That's awesome! Mike cooked for me once when we were dating, but since then his specialty seems to be frozen pizza or ordering Chinese! LOL!

  2. Hey, I was really trying to poison everyone but my plan was foiled by those pesky kids....umph!