Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Laney and Ella and their luscious lips

Ella has an ABC book that she is in the process of making. Each week for the letter she is learning, we make page to add to her book. This week is the letter Ll. This was probably her most favorite page yet. No lady is complete without her lipstick. She applied the lipstick herself( as you can see below) and kissed her L paper. You think that is bad keep scrolling!

She just kept adding...

and adding!

I had to stop her at this point. She is no longer a lady but a clown!

And of course big sister had to give it a try.

Now I know where Ella gets her lipstick applying abilities from.


  1. OMGoodness! How cute! I have never let Hailey go all out with real lipstick...but you can tell they had SO much fun :)

  2. And here I was thinking she had been watching you Suzy...just kidding of course!