Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in Helen Take 1

My parents used there timeshare points and got a place in Helen, Ga the week before Christmas. We left Sunday afternoon and headed that way for 5 day Christmas vacation. Anytime I have been to Helen it has been in the summer. They are known for there German town atmosphere and the tubing. Obviously, we could not participate in the tubing portion. To my surprise, it was extremely quieter than in the summer. There was not alot to do but we spent time together and that is what was most important. Here are activities we came up with during our stay in Helen. They kids enjoyed playing on the playground.

You can't go to Helen without tasting some of the German cuisine.

My dad and grandmother. She is German and was born in Germany. If you remember from a previous post, we were doing Christmas around the world. Germany was the last place we traveled to. We took advantage of my grandmother being there and had her explain what Christmas is like in Germany.

Laney with our German waiter.

We walked around the town admiring the Christmas decor and shopping. My sister purchased this head piece for Ella. She wore it all over town.

They had horse carriage rides to show you the town. We opted to walk.

Since Helen is no Disney, I brought crafts for the kids to do. As you can see the adults wanted to do them as well. We made ball ornaments. Thanks to this old light fixture we had a place to hang them.

My grandmother was the first to sit down when I called out craft time.

We made these glitter ornaments and painted gingerbread men( not pictured).

We went to the local area Swanee and visited museums, waterfalls, covered bridges, pottery shop, old store and shops.

We ate alot and snacked alot, played games and even made time to accessorize with my grandmother's wig

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