Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Party at Granny's

This past Saturday we traveled to north Georgia to my Aunt's house for the annual Stowe Christmas party. We ate and then played dirty Santa. Always a treat to see what will be fought over. This year it was the money and gift cards which is better than a few years ago when it was the case of beer. Yep! You heard that right. Here is my grandmother with Griffin, Laney, my grandmother, Emma, our dog Chewy and my aunt's dog Scooter. Ella is back into her, "I don't like to take pictures" phase so she was not in it. Granny's got a brand new wig. Isn't that a line in a song?

Carmel and my cousins boy

Mom talking to Emma

Me and my twin sisters

us with my mom

One of the dirty Santa gifts was this glass sun catcher wreath. Griffin ended up with it. For some reason, nobody stole it from him.HAHA! Ella loved it so she took it off his hands. Look, she turned it into something other than a wreath. Isn't she an angel?

Laney is big time into taking care of babies. She has given me the okay to have another baby but only if it is a girl. The other day the kids were fighting over what I was having next. I tried to explain to them I was not pregnant so the fight was useless. They ignored me and kept fighting so I gave myself a timeout in my room.

Checking out her new nails while holding the baby.

Ella got a Dora toothbrush holder

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