Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Wonderland 2009

GVA(the curriculum we use) had a Winter Wonderland 2009 Celebration this past Friday. If you chose to, you could decorate a gingerbread house to bring to the celebration. There were three levels gingerbread (which was the one we chose. It was the least involved.), peppermint and crystal. Here are the kids decorating it. I gave them all the supplies and let them do it all. Griffin did most of it, Laney did one side and gave up, Ella as you can see in the picture mostly licked and ate the candy.

The finished house.

Laney and her house before we went in.

Laney and Ella had to stand in front of their house and tell a little about themselves and their house. Laney said she lives in Crestview( she was slightly nervous), 2nd grade and she liked the candy on her house. Ella said she lived in Ga, 4 years old and liked eating the candy. This was the crystal level. This was by far the best one. She had to do a house, a picture journal and an essay. She did a replica of her own house. You cannot tell in the picture much but her house was lit up on the inside and around the gate. I guess some people are just not as busy as we are around the holiday season.

Laney won a prize in her division for one of the 4 best gingerbread houses. She received an ornament, certificate, pen and bookmark.

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