Friday, December 18, 2009

Our visit to Australia

Last week we traveled to the land down under Australia in our Christmas Around the world unit. We discussed how they celebrate a warm Christmas on the beach or swimming. They are multicultural so many of their traditions come from other countries. A few interesting facts. They have Boxing Day on Dec 26. This is the part of Christmas Spirit giving. They leave Lamingtons for Santa which is a cake covered with frosting and coconut. We did not have enough time last week to make this and to be honest I did not want to add to the over abundance of sweet things in this house. We did however make Christmas Crackers. Again, we made the easier version. We took toilet rolls, filled them with treats, covered them in Christmas wrapping and tied ribbon on each end. Come back later as I share this weeks adventures of France. Next week it is off to Germany.

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  1. Cool!

    I love how you took a time-out in your room in your previous post! Girl, you are so hilarious!