Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We headed to South Carolina last Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with Carmel's parents. I do not have any pictures from that day because we were very lazy day and  stayed in our pajamas. That is......... until later that night when it was time to get ready for Black Friday or should I say Black Thursday. In years past I have gone to bed ready so all I have to do is brush my teeth and head on out at 3:30 in the morning. This year I was brave........I pulled an all nighter! My sister in law and I headed to Toys R Us at 9:00 pm to score some deals. They were very well prepared for the mass gaggle of people unlike the next store. I was planning to hit the hay once I returned back to the house but Carmel was going to Walmart for a 12:01 deal. Since we have never done a Black Friday together( He is more of a get in and get out kind of shopper. So not my style!), I decided to go with him. Just like last year( with Griffin) it is nice to take a male. They can stand in the long line while I shop! Soon after we arrived at Walmart, I realized I could have done without going there. I did not know every rude person in South Carolina would be at this particular Walmart. Needless to say, I joined Carmel's style of shopping here. After dropping off 2 shoppers, Griffin and I headed back out. I don't think Griffin was ready for the all night shopping extravaganza!  He passed out after Target. That was only our 3rd store. We still had 5 more to check off the list!

As you probably can guess, I came home and slept the rest of the day. After Auburn beat Alabama( War Eagle!), We went to see the Christmas lights at Saluda Shoal's Park.

The next day we headed to North Georgia for the big Parker Family Thanksgiving Reunion.

It was another wonderful Thanksgiving!

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