Monday, November 22, 2010

Just Dance!

Last year, I was selected by house to host The Jenny McCarthy workout/Jello Mousse party. When I received the package, inside was a game called Just Dance. I had not seen or heard of it until then.  I popped it into the Wii and never had so much fun exercising. Before I go any further, I have to confess......I LOVE TO DANCE! I don't mean going to a club/party and dancing. I am talking about the kind when you are at home with the music cranked up and cleaning. Cleaning is so much more fun when you swing your hips while scrubbing the toilet. My best moves were creating then! Hehe! Okay....enough about my busting a move. When selected me to host the Just Dance 2 party I was ecstatic! First of all, it meant I was going to get it for free. Secondly, I couldn't wait to see what was on the second version. When I got my box in the mail, not only did I get Just Dance 2 but they sent Just Dance Kids as well.

These are so much fun! Just Dance 2 has twice as many songs as the first one. The kids version has some for the younger kids like ABC song, The Wheels on the Bus and Pop Goes the Weasel. Then, there are songs for the older kids like Naturally, Celebration and Funkytown. 

Here are the kids enjoying Just Dance Kids.

The bigger kids enjoying Just Dance 2.

Some were a little more competitive than others!

My sister went out and bought the game early so she could  practice hours upon hours. She did not enjoy being the LOSER last time!

Some were in concentration mode.


Others were hitting every move with accuracy! 

If  you like to dance but not big on excercising, I would highly recommend any of the Just Dance games. My legs were sore the next day........and still are! It is a fun way to get in shape. 

Ladies.....your  husband would definitely approve of you getting this game.  Buy it and have him sit right behind you!

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  1. you are such a good friend for not putting my picture on here! I love you so much!! hehe We had a good time! Thanks for inviting us!