Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boo! And you thought Halloween was over.

I figured I better go ahead and do a post on Halloween before Thanksgiving arrived. A few weeks ago our church had a Trunk or Treat.

Ella was a Fairy Princess.

Ella and her friend Allyson.

Griffin and his friends......too cool to dress up.

Laney and her friend Kaylee. Laney wanted to dress up like a party girl. I didn't think she really needed to dress up for that since she is one big PARTY!

Nothing like a little mattress surfing at  trunk or treat.

Every year I come up with this elaborate way to decorate our vehicle but something always hinders me from doing it.....usually time and energy. This year I took the easy route and went with a fall theme. Mainly because it  was the stuff closest to the ladder in the attic. 

Halloween night we were invited over to a coworker/friend of Carmel's for supper and trick or treating.

Ella dressed up as a princess, Laney dressed up as a pajama girl( that is what she called herself) and Griffin.....well, he decided not to dress up........

Oh wait.....that's a picture of Carmel after Griffin drove.

The couple that hosted made tombstones for all the guys that came.

It was another year of Halloween fun!

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  1. That was the same reason my trunk was "Fall theme" too! I need to do a Halloween post myself! :)