Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Take that ball to the hoop, hoop!

My how that chant takes me back in time that seems so long ago. No I am not talking about the 1 and half years I cheered but the time I spent playing basketball for ACA. I have so many wonderful memories of the sports I played throughout my school days. Now.... I am the parent who sits in the stands and cheers for my kids( No I am not as loud as my dad was but we have only had 1 game).

Griffin has played basketball before but never with his school. He had his first game last week.

I was so excited when I found out Laney wanted to play. She has not shown much interest  for sports. She tried t-ball.....played more with the sand than the ball. She loved gymnastics but it is just not convenient to start back up right now. We can now add basketball to the list. I don't think I have ever seen her so excited. I think she would wear her jersey everyday if they let her. 
She still has a lot to learn but definitely has the motivation factor!
The team is 3rd - 6th grade so she is the youngest. Many of the other girls already know the basics. Laney will have to learn that she can move away from the spot the coach put her.......

or when you get the ball to shoot quickly don't wait for the girl to get in your face and then decide.

Oh...There is rule #1 you have to dribble not carry the ball down the court.

Who knows with enough practice and playing time.......she may as good as her mother was!

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  1. Laney plays basketball just like I do! haha!