Monday, December 6, 2010



Oh! That is just the sound of the fierce Auburn Tigers!

Literally, 2 days before the SEC Championship game my sister got me a ticket for my birthday( Thank you again, Rebecca!). I am so glad I went. There is nothing like being in the stands when your team wins the SEC Championship game!!!!!!

Let me rewind and give you a little history for those of you who may not know  I am an Auburn fan and my husband is a die hard South Carolina fan. So it got a little competitive around our house  a  few days before the game. 
There was a lot of final score predictions, a little ragging, a little aggravation...

and even a few " We're going to kick your tails!"

We both cheered for our teams on opposite sides of  the stadium( at least for the first half). My ticket was in the AU section and his in the USC section. I was able to sit with him after the half but did not get to cheer as loud( It is hard when you are 1 of 3 orange fans in the midst of  black and crimson.). Carmel was sweet though. He leaned over one time and said, "You can yell for your team".

Now, I do have to stop and say that I am sorry it was my husbands team who lost. He was so excited to see the Gamecocks playing in the Ga Dome. Needless to say he was NOT happy with the results. My philosophy about is not always about who is the best but  who shows up and is ready to play. 

A few shots from after the game.

Just so you matter who won we still love each!

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